Lynx Avionics Pilot System High Visibilty Visor

Lynx Avionics Pilot System High Visibilty Visor



The Lyn Avionics Pilot System helmet visor is designed for use with Lynx helmets and provides face protection alongside the head protection offered by the helmet.

The microlight helmet visor is manufactured from Polycarbonate and attaches securely to the helmet using three machine fasteners. The visor design incorporates an aerodynamic peak, smooth pivot mechanism and a manual latch to lock the visor in the closed position.

To provide unrestricted vision when used with a visor extension, the visor opens fully and also locks into the open position. The Lynx Avionics visor is available as standard with a white opaque peak or in a high visibility version with a transparent tinted peak. The high visibility microlight visor allows the user to see through the peak and provides better upwards visibility which is useful in certain applications.


note , this is for visor assy only to fit helmet , headset helmet NOT included

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