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    Acc. Klan, Batterypack jacket/pants 7,4V, 6A(1x)

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    Artikelnummer 725 8200 101
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    MMO21A MicroAvionics Helmet / Headset Bag

    Protect your helmet from damage. Quality headset/ helmet bag with rope drawstring plastic stop not and carry handle. Screen prinmd with the MicroAsionics logo
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    MG001A Microavionics ANR GA headset

    coming soon...
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  • £79.00 Quick view

    MM008A MicroAvionics Wireless PTT

    Wireless PTT for trikes & other aircraft.Attaches to the 'A. frame of any trike as per a standard cabled PTT - but without any wires attached.There is a small receiver unit to connect to the PTT connection of the aircraft radio interface.The PTT and receiver then replace the need for a cabled PTT.There is a small 12 volt battery in the PTT unit. Battery life is typically 2-4 years, depending on amount of use.
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  • £159.00 Quick view

    MM020B Microavionics Helmet,Visor with Lock

    Tested and certified to European Airborne sports standard EN966 and carries the CE marking. A composite helmet designed to be worn over a standard microlight/ ULM headset.The outer shell is made from composites and has an EPS shock absorbent liner with a webbing strap and quick release buckle.The helmet is light weigh, at only 700grams.A clear or half tint visor is available: an Air Dam wind deflector can be fitted to the bottom of the visor. Both the visor and 'AirDarn' can be retro fitted and replacements can be ordered to replace scratched visors. Our visors are UV protected, have an anti scratch coating and have been tested to British standards .
  • £8.68 Quick view

    MM024B MicroAvionics Fleece Neck Warmer

    Keep out the drafts with this high quality fleece neck warmer.
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  • £7.95 Quick view

    Acc. Klan, Charger cable

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    {Productcode} 016074
    Artikelnummer 725 9006 101
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  • £89.95 Quick view

    Acc. Klan, Battery/Chargerkit 7,4V, 6A

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    {Productcode} 016071
    Artikelnummer 725 8510 101
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  • £19.95 Quick view

    Acc Klan, Charger 12V, 2Ah

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    {Productcode} 016068
    Artikelnummer 725 8110 101
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    Acc. Klan, Batterypack gloves/socks 7,4V, 3A(1x)

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    {Productcode} 016064
    Artikelnummer 725 8000 101
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  • £89.00 Quick view

    MM016C Microavionics Microlight headset to MT headset

    This adaptor will allow the connection of a MicroAvionics or Lynx Micro headset, the adaptor will allow conneection to a MT Gyro intercoms system. The adapter has a user adjustable headphone volume control.
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  • DBX £165.00 Quick view

    BlueSkyBlue DBX flying suit

    BlueSkyBlue DBX flying suit The BlueSkyBlue DBX 4 layer flying suit is the original FOUR LAYER CORDURA® flying suit. It is available with or without plastic thigh map pockets (select through Leg Length). This garment is designed for use in cold weather: 1) Drawstring on collar for snugness 2) High quality YKK zips used throughout with storm flaps. 3) Pocket YKK zips also covered with outer flaps for style and protection. 4) Inner flaps on the three main zips 5) Available with or without - Large Clear Plastic pockets on the thigh with Velcro fastening for maps, radio frequencies, etc. 6) Adjustable and elasticated cuffs 7) Two way YKK zips on legs mean you can access your trouser pockets. 8) Central YKK zip also two-way, allowing male flyers to have a convenience break without removing the suit. 9) Generous breast pocket for radio, camera, mobile phone or pda. 10) Reflective piping means higher visibility. AVAILABILITY: The DBX style is available in 3 color designs and 5 sizes.
  • £89.95 Quick view

    Acc. Klan, Batterypack jacket/pants 12V, 6A(1x)

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    {Productcode} 016072
    Artikelnummer 725 8600 101
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  • Atmos £185.00 Quick view

    BlueSkyBlue Atmos 5 layer flying suit

    BlueSkyBlue Atmos 5 layer flying suit The BlueSkyBlue Atmos 5 layer flying suit is the Worlds FIRST and ONLY 5 LAYER flying suit. It is available with or without plastic thigh map pockets (select through Leg Length). It is manufactured with 260gsm of insulation as follows: 1. The outer CORDURA ® fabric which is windproof and has a great tough feel for durability. 2. The inner middle layer is 80gsm THINSULATE (TM) made by 3M. The unique microfibres of ThinsulateTM Insulation are about ten times smaller than the fibres of most other synthetic insulations, which means they’re much more efficient at trapping air, and more effective at keeping you warm. It also means more fibres can be packed into the same space, where they can reflect back more of the body’s radiant heat without being bulky. 3. The middle layer is 100gsm POLYFILL QUILTING. This is a superior insulating material which is designed to retain body heat as much as possible. 4. The outer middle layer is a further layer of 80gsm THINSULATE (TM) made by 3M. 5. The suit lining is black BOSKY, this is a new material in our suit range which is dyed using only azo free materials in the production process and has improved wear properties.
  • £3.05 Quick view

    MM010 MicraAvionics Auxilary Music Audio Lead

    Auxiliary audio in and out lead, used for connecting MP3 player into radio interface or recording device to an Auxiliary audio out on radio interface. Used with a powered radio interface (MM005).
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  • £164.00 Quick view

    OZEE softshell exheat thermal suit

      Exeat is made from a breathable softshell outer fabric that keeps out rain, snow, wind and cold whilst minimising condensation within the garment by continuously transmitting water vapour away from the body. Combine this with the Thinsulate thermal quilted lining and you have a garment to protect the wearer from all the elements. Designed on the more traditional style of over suit, the Exeat has a simple but stylish cut. A two-way centre front zip protected with a studded storm flap and two way leg zips from ankle to waist enables quick and easy access to the suit. The two concealed zipped chest pockets are deep and positioned for easy access during flight; the two hand pockets are also zipped for security. A high fleece lined collar and elasticised ribbed cuffs and ankles seal the neck, wrists and ankles from daughts. The Exeat is available in both standard and long lengths. Standard to fit approx 5.10” and 31" leg Except small up to 5ft 6" inside leg 29". Long to fit approx 6.3” and 33" leg. Chest sizes 36/38" small, 40/42" medium, 44/46" large, 46/48" XL, 48/50" 2XL, 52+ 3XL, Machine washable
  • £61.30 Quick view

    MM034 Microavionics Replacement Tear Drop Strobe Lens

    Replacement strobe head. Comes with fixing kit, new connector and 6meters of cable that can be cut to any length. Can be used with other makes of 3 wire strobe systems.
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  • £155.00 Quick view

    BlueSkyBlue ZULU Paramotoring – 3 Layer

    The BlueSkyBlue Paramotoring flying suit is a 3 Layer garment designed for use in fair weather. Typically, this suit is perfect for use in paramotoring or open cockpit microlights at altitudes of up to 5000 feet. Many glider pilots and other leisure aviation pilots also find this weight suit to be ideal. LAYERS: 1) The outer fabric is called TASLON ® which is windproof and has a great soft feel for comfort. It is very durable and is coated in PU (polyurethane) to resist water. 2) The middle layer is THINSULATE (TM) made by 3M. 3) The suit lining is a breathable material called BOSKY ® and has good moisture wicking properties. It is dyed using only azo free materials in the production process and has improved wear properties.
  • £19.00 Quick view

    MM013 MicroAvionics Second Radio Lead

    Connects to the MM005 Powered Radio Interface.This will provide the capability to have a second VHF/ PMR band radio in the aircraft.The standard lead terminates to a twin 3.5 & 2.5mm jack plug.A CT44 adapter can be used to convert this to a single 4 pole 3.5mm Jack plug.
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  • £158.40 Quick view

    MM038 Microavionics Replacement High Power Driver Box

    Replacement High power driver box. Will power one, two or three strobes. The alternating and burst speed can be adjusted. Flash rate upto 300fpm. Input voltage 9-80 volts ac or dc. Size 80 X 60 X 50mm. The box is light weight aluminum only 200g. Can be used with other makes of 3 wire strobe heads.
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  • £9.95 Quick view

    Acc. Klan, Y cable

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    {Productcode} 016061
    Artikelnummer 725 9003 101
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  • £439.00 Quick view

    MM001B Microavionics Integral helmet with built in UL-100 headset

    High performance electronics with user selectable Normal or Filter setting for a quieter headset. Built using a high performance low power audio amplifier, utilising surface mount components and an electronics speech processor to remove unwanted noise.  
  • £259.00 Quick view

    MM001 – Charcoal Microavionics UL 1 00 Intercom Headset for 3 Axis

    Self contained electronics with onboard NIMH batteries giving over 100 hours between recharge (no re-charge is needed if using a powered radio interface MM005).The headset uses a military specification noise canceling electret microphone designed for high noise environments coupled with a speaker that gives excellent sound qualities.The ear defender used is a new style for 3 axis. Fitted with the latest liquid gel ear seals which reduce the pressure point effect from extended use also for users wearing glasses and reduce ambient noise penetration.The headset comes with individual volume dial mounted on the left earcup, small wind muff and strong PUR curly cable with 7 pin locking bayonet socket.
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  • £24.00 Quick view

    MMO11 MICROAVIONICS Cellular Telephone Lead

    This cable is used M conjunction with the MM005 Powered Radio Interface.Simply plug one end of the lead into .e Interface and the other end of the lead connects to the telephone. On some telephones (incl. Nokia) you will also require a MMO I 2 'Base Adapter. to convert the plug so that it can connect to your telephone.
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