Lynx avionics Bluetooth adaptor

Lynx avionics Bluetooth adaptor


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Lynx Avionics has announced a new Bluetooth Adapter which allows wireless telephone connections to Lynx equipment.

The adapter is compatible with all modern Bluetooth enabled telephones and once paired with a telephone, all of the main handsfree functions can be controlled from the adapter, including: voice dialing, call transfer, call reject and last number redial. The adapter can also be used with audio players to make a wireless music connection.

When used with radio equipment, the adapter supports the radio priority audio mute function and any Bluetooth audio is automatically reduced in volume during radio reception. In addition, to further simplify use in an aircraft, the adapter will automatically answer telephone calls after three rings.

The adapter is supplied with a USB charger and provides a minimum of eight hours talk time and three hundred hours standby time. To facilitate easy removal, for charging alongside a mobile telephone, the adapter is supplied with a plug-in connection lead. The adapter has a built-in belt clip and may also be mounted for convenience using Velcro.

The Bluetooth Adapter provides a simple and cost effective telephone connection which works with any telephone and avoids the compatibility problems associated with hard-wired telephone leads and telephone specific adapters.

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