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and lower back and made with specially designed fabrics and made to reflect heat generated by the heating system towards the body of ‘user, optimizing the power consumption. Features of the trousers heated Klan Dual Power: Made with outer stretch fabric windproof and breathable polyester with Winheat laminating aluminum foil, to preserve heat loss. Presence of direct links to supply socks with pockets of retention and battery door pocket. The product is sold without connecting cables that are aquistabili separately. Pants Klan Dual Power suite with Hads Dual Power heating system Adjustment Button 4 levels. The Dual Power system allows the use of the jacket with different types of fuel. Direct connection to a source to 12 volts (the motorcycle battery). Connect to a portable battery Polymer Lithium & nbsp; at 12 volts. Link to a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery to 7.4 volts for those activities that do not require a high-intensity heating.