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Gerbing 7V-Junior Temperature Controller

Gerbing 7V-Junior Temperature Controller


NEW! The 7volt junior temperature controller. This product is designed to connect 7volt products directly to the battery cable of a vehicle.


Gerbing 7V-Junior Temperature Controller

This controller converts 12 volt of a vehicles battery to 7 volt of the products.

With this controller you are able to use your 7 volt battery operated heated gloves or 7 volt socks without the 7 volt batteries but connected to, for instance, a motorcycle.

The 7volt junior controller can be used for the following items:

S-7 heated gloves
O-7 heated gloves
H-7 heated gloves
M-7 heated gloves
7volt heated socks

It is very important to use use the 7 volt junior controller on 7 Volt products. The 12 volt controller can only be used on our 12 volt gloves.

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