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Gerbing 7V Heated Socks

Gerbing 7V Heated Socks


The best way to eliminate cold feet is by using our heated 7 volt battery powered heated socks.

After developing 12 volt heated socks for motorcyclists Gerbing finally have something for all other people who are suffering from the cold.



Gerbing 7V Heated Socks

Gerbing has already provided motorcyclists with all kinds of heated products like 12 volt heated gloves, heated jackets and trousers and heated socks - but all these products have to be connected to a vehicle battery.

Now we finally have  the solution - small portable batteries! These 7 volt batteries makes it possible to power heated clothing for a longer period of time.

Due to the fact that we had to make our clothing warm enough for extreme cold and high speed we did not have batteries which had enough capacity to keep the products warm for a long time. Our 7 volt collection however is warm enough for all kinds of outdoor activities and can be used for a long time.


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