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    Gerbing 7 Volt Handwarmer

    You can use it for fishing or golfing. Using our Microwire® Heating Technology, the handwarmer reaches extremely warm temperatures giving your hands and fingers a safe haven from the bitter cold outside environment.
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  • £99.99 Quick view

    Gerbing 7 Volt Kidney Belt

    The heated back wrap (kidney belt) developed by Gerbing has been designed to be used to keep your lower back warm. Although it is NOT a medical product, the heated back wrap is known to relieve lower back pain. It is a fact that warmth can prevent or eradicate a lot of pain and discomfort.
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  • £79.99 Quick view

    Gerbing 7 Volt Seat Cushion

    Cold hard seats are not much fun. Whether it is a molded plastic seat at the newest stadium, an aluminum bench, or the dreaded concreted type, trying to keep comfortable whilst watching sporting events can distract you from enjoying yourself.
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  • £169.99 Quick view

    Gerbing 7V Heated Socks

    The best way to eliminate cold feet is by using our heated 7 volt battery powered heated socks. After developing 12 volt heated socks for motorcyclists Gerbing finally have something for all other people who are suffering from the cold.

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