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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 26 January, 2017.

    Gerbing Heated socks

    Our Price:  £84.00

    Gerbing Heated socks , one size

    Also suitable for motorcyclists

    We've all had cold feet sometime in our lives. We're talking REAL cold. Not just wedding-day jitters. Cold, stiff, tender feet can turn any flight into a miserable one. But Gerbing's Hybrid Heated socks are designed to deliver powerful, warming heat. And unlike the other heated socks, ours provide heat over their entire surface area.

    We'll keep your feet toasty warm, on your microlight. Because Gerbing's Hybrid Heated socks are designed to connect to your other Gerbing's Heated Gear, run them straight off your aircraft's battery, or you can power them off one of our rechargeable lithium battery packs (optional).

    • Utilizes Gerbing's Hybrid Heating System
    • Power directly from a 12v electrical system
    • Power them from one of our optional 12v Lithium battery packs
    • Includes one free fused battery harness and Y-harness.
    • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements

    Heat     Microwire® heat technology
    Source     12-volts DC
    Current     1.2 amps/pair
    Watts     15 watts

    Our heated socks include one free fused battery harness 


    • One Pair of Heated socks
    • One Insole Harness
    • One Fused Battery Harness

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